1 on 1 Counsellling

Therapeutic Counselling

These sessions differ from Coaching in that with the counselling, clients are often invited to go deeper and uncover past traumas or wounds that may have contributed to the presenting issue or problems that the client is facing.


We use a range of scientifically proven modalities to firstly identify presenting issues and then trace back to release and re-wire the part of the past that is affecting their present. We use a powerful unique set of methods that has been proven time and time again to dramatically work. We do not believe anyone should be in therapy for years. These methods and approaches, fully support that mission.

Clients are offered a safe, confidential space in which to explore, view from alternative perspectives and then change beliefs and behaviours accordingly, but more important than that, clients are able to walk through and allow finalization and healing of that part of their past so that they encounter a beginning, a middle and an end to their emotional process. When this is unblocked an entirely different experience and perspective are gained. The past ceases to hold the client in it’s grip and a new path forward can be created.

$105 USD PER 60 - 90 Minute session. (includes full assesment, Medical helth questionaire and treatment plan)