How to stop a narcissist in their tracks.

Shut them up.back them off.

And take back your power.

NB this is not for volatile or dangerous Relationships.

Please get help if you are in danger, or at risk... immediately.


I used to not like that word,

Ever the Therapist I would use other words to describe them , I guess in a way to allow them some empathy, give them a trauma out, or a softer label..

But, I'm over that now..

These people are cruel, unfeeling and are creating more chaos and damage in the world and in generational conditioning , than any form of abuse yet .

So narcissist...yeah You...I'm coming to get ya .

I will make it my lifes mission to help people inflicted by the abuse of this type,

Bar none

Charismatic showoffs,

Or demure overt Saint type .

A few characteristics unites this Breed of abuser..

📍Zero Empathy

📍Serious sense of self righteousness

📍Holier than thou mentality

📍The Victim , good guy that was done soooooo wrong

Seriously manipulative.

How you feel in their company

📍Confused ( who are they )

📍Inferior/ Inadequate

📍 Ashamed/ broken ( it's all your fault)

📍Elated one minute, depressed the next.

📍Permanently empty.

📍Anxious and paranoid.

📍Feel like you're going mad..

🎯These types are always very charming, confident charismatic .

But .what's that strong perfume hiding.

🎯They go all out at first ( lovebombing) soul mate talk..they seem perfect, too good to be true. ( Hint, they are)

🎯Later they retreat..stop taking you out, stop lovebombing you, you become an old couple very quick after the whirlwind.

🎯They do nothing for nice favours, make underhand backhanded comments about " your appearance/ character etc"

🎯 In public they're back to old charm pants, everyone loves him/ her, does anything for anyone ,nothing for You.

So now we,ve done a brief overview, of which I will go into further in other blogs.

Heres 5 tips to stop them in their tracks .

Because You see a narc loves conflict.

🚫Loves coming out with things to confuse you

🚫Likes acting inconsistently to confuse you.

🚫Loves to make you feel sorry for them

🚫Loves to make you feel guilty.

So give them no wriggle room.

✅Do not explain yourself

✅Do not defend yourself

✅Do not justify yourself .


Because that is the carrot they've been dangling,

🚫They feed off your efforts.

🚫Love trying to overpower.

🚫Love to make you feel small..

🚫Want you to fight back, argue or cry

It's their fuel...

Their power...their kryptonite.

So .. whatever they say do, or attempt...

Agree with them.

That's it..

✅Yep youre right .yep totally hear you..

No I really do..

✅End weakness, no weapons...just pure and utter ..yep you may well be right ..

They'll keep goading ..but you just agree, and then end that all..?

It leaves them baffled and stuttering..

📍It sends a very clear message .

📍I see you .

📍I'm not engaging

📍You no longer hold power

And away you adjusted .

Never give your power away...🌟

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