Is my Relationship Unhealthy ? I'm so Confused.

🎯Being in a painful Relationship and not being able to get out , is not weakness.

🎯Not a sign you don't love yourself

🎯And not because you're a sociopath.

🌹It's because you're just not done yet...

🌹Theres doubt , there's fear and there's unanswered questions.

My guidance helps you find out and get clarity on "being done and walking away " or finding what's wrong and taking steps to amend ..

Either way....You get your answers...

❌Please note the following guidance is not for people in abusive or unsafe Relationships❌

People try to force a process and leave before they've found clarity.

Or worse , stay and beat themselves up for being stupid, weak or worthless...

It's's just not time.

📍There's a part of you that's not convinced yet...

📍There's a part of you that lives in hope

📍And there's a part of you that has an innate fear of endings and letting go ..

You've just not been asking the right questions or implementing the actions that may or may not be contributing....

The fear of walking away is a big one too...what exactly is it that scare you about that ?

We need to get clear , so we can address .

You see most ppl just wait... Wait to be ready...

And yes there's a process that needs to happen .but that process is halted because it's not got the clarity it needs to be clear..

❤️For example❤️

Client a..

Is with a guy who,s cold, lies a lot , stays out late..

It's been like this for years...

She puts up with it...

When he comes back she's angry , they don't communicate,

The only communication is to pick at each other.

She feels unloved...ignored and abandoned...

But she struggles to leave she carries on..

Therapy .🌹

❣️Why are you staying in this

👑 Her..because I love him and I'm hoping he,ll change ?

❣️ What is the likelihood of that as it is.. bearing in mind , no therapy .no promise .

👑Her..unlikely ...

❣️Me. Right

❣️What else could it be.?

👑 Her. I'm scared to walk away and find I've made a mistake .. is where we can lay those voices to rest...

❣️ there a something, that may be contributing to how painful this relationship is?

(blame aside....,We do this because I absolutely want my clients to know, if they choose to go, that there was nothing more they could have done)

Not because they're wrong..or we,re justifying any of his or her behaviour...but because what's keeping you in is a nagging voice that's saying..hmmmmm ..

📍We outline ways to do the opposite of what's going on right now.

So for example..

🌹Maybe you've become hypercritical or snappy....

🌹Maybe you've always acted like the mum in the relationship,and not allowed his process.

🌹Maybe you've forgot to tell him you care,and he only sees that you don't....

📍This is not a judgement call it's just an honest appraisal..

If we identify yes,there's contributing factors that could be deemed as not best self..

📍We outline that⚡

📍We nail that.⚡

📍We look at bringing unwounded you into this..

(again for no other reason than to get you clear)..💫⭐

We look at the whys...

🌹why prehaps you play a certain role and how that impacts you..

🌹Address attachment styles,and maybe areas that need strengthening, like being assertive or saying no..

📍We address fear of letting go and unpack all of that... And outline a structured plan b

🌹What would that look like ?

🌹How would you do it ?

🌹Where would you go ?

📍We set up a Support plan

So again, your fears are addressed,instead of floating round in the ethos.

And we give it a set time....

❤️Best you, action plan.

❤️Ask the questions you need to ask..

(Such as asking if he's willing to seek out support too)

❤️Or where does he see where they're at...and is this something you both want?

You give it your last shot...

And you tie up all the unanswered,yeah buts.

By gathering all the information and evidence your inner you needs to have..

🌹If it works out great...hooorahhhhh.

📍But.....if it doesn't...


You're done.👑

You're heads held high.

👑you categorically know on a cellular level you could have done no more👑...and your,e clear...

📍Free to walk through the fear of leaving too because you're walking into a known...not...the unknown.

🌹Walking away is not a clear cut decision..if there's doubt it needs addressing

🌹If there's fear it needs facing

🌹And if there's hope , you're questions need asking..

DM us now if you would like help,

🌹In going from a place of confusion and fear.

🌹Into a place of peace and clarity... Whichever way it goes..

🎯Your soul needs answers and

You're simply responding to your guidance.

The answers aren't there yet, There's more information to gather first .

And when the Student is ready, the teacher will appear ❤️

Go easy on you 🌹

🎯Just as a side note guys , this is just a generic example, and each of You will have a different footprint dependent upon your character, past experiences and beliefs.

🎯We work closely with you to create the perfect approach unique to your individual needs .

It's never a one size fits all approach 🙏

🔊❌Please note this is not for people in domestically violent relationships or who are being abused through no fault of their own, this is purely for people who are in unaligned or unhealthy Relationships only , if your safety is being compromised I am not advocating this approach . ...please be very clear on that...❌

❌If that is you....please please seek help now..there is help there is support.. DM me and I can point you in the right direction ❌


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