Toxic Relationship Recovery and Prevention.

Prevention and Recovery from Narcissistic abuse . Narcissistic Abuse is one of the most insidious damaging types of abuse there is Responsible for more chaos and damage throughout the generations bar none, Narcissism is finally being recognized .

The victims are being set free from feeling it was their fault, and the responsibility and accountability is being placed firmly at the abusers door.

As a therapist I have for years consistently, seen in my work clients coming to me with varying issues, depressions or anxieties , and what has been the common link between 90% of all of my clients,

Is that they were either brought up by varying types of narcissistic parents, or had encountered narcissistic relationships, in adolescence and adult hood .

🌹All blamed self for being damaged

🌹All felt unworthy.

Less than/ inadequate.

🌹All had trauma that bled into behaviours, such as people pleasing,caretaking ,perfectionism, aggression and many more self defeating behaviours .

🌹And all, had not been taught or guided,into how to self love, have healthy boundaries, or communicate assertively.. ❤️Essentially you have been let down. Manipulated and left to pick up the pieces alone .

🌟That time is now over 🌟

I have studied for years the effects of narcissistic patterns, and it’s effects on childhood trauma ,low self esteem, addiction issues and many more ..

And personally, have successfully not only recovered, from a lifetime of narcissistic abuse , but have changed the script completely , gone full circle and have helped 1000,s of people over the years Recover and Completely Reset, after Narcissistic Dysfunctional abuse/conditioning.

🌹Fully recovered 🌹Self empowered . 🌹 Completely free from past conditioning and Trauma. 🌹And in healthy intimate, Self and social relationships.

🌟Narcissistic abuse recovery is totally within your reach🌟

🎯We trace back all the lies you were told such as you are responsible for other people’s happiness, you are not enough as you are etc.

🎯Rewrite the beliefs you should have been given. ( According to your script)

🎯Grant confidence and trust in who you are as a person. Years of being gaslighted, second guessing has reduced you to utter confusion and zero self trust.

🎯Remove physical stored trauma that can keep you feeling triggered or in fear response.

🎯Identify and nurture exactly who you are

🎯Examine the behaviours that don’t serve you and teach you ones that empower and nurture you. And give you back your power. By rebuilding You.

📍Creating a toolbox that allows you to avoid the old red flags and patterns.

📍Creating your life story of who you are. 📍What do you like, 📍What are Your passions , 📍What lights You up... 📍What are your skills, your happy places etc. And what’s important in your life.

And creating an exact template to help you .

❤️Find you. ❤️Rebuild you.. ❤️Love you.. ❤️Trust you. ✅Take back what they stole. ✅Create now what was lost..

It’s never too late and it’s the absolute best ride of your life.. I 1000% promise you that From

👑Broken to Brilliant 👑Powerless to Powerful 👑Traumatised to Triumphant.

Contact us now..

For Expert Recovery and Prevention Counselling from Narcissistic Abuse.

Your best days start Now...

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