Toxic Relationships , know the signs.

Toxic Relationships .

People find themselves constantly negating their intuition and instincts and staying way too long in an unhealthy or Toxic relationship

I think its me, is the first thing I usually hear when working with Individuals,

I’m not good at Relationships, or I’m too sensitive or, I’m too needy and push people away..

This is rarely the case ..

Mostly its people blaming themselves for the fact they can't " get happy" or enjoy this relationship because they're faulty or too damaged .STOP...

Chances are you're unhappy or confused, because ..this relationship is no good for you ..and it's your instincts,( not your brokeness) telling you GET THE HELL OUT.

You wanna know for sure's how.

The only thing you need to focus on, is at this point is.

1. Distinguishing what problems in a healthy relationship feels like ,

2. Vs Signs of a toxic unhealthy relationship.

Let’s take a quiz.

1. When you’re in an argument is it always the same thing and no resolve ever occurs ?

2. Do you often feel Confused and conflicted?

3. Do you one minute feel empowered and strong only to then feel weak and helpless?

4. Does your partner say you’re too sensitive, or you’re imagining things a lot?

5. Do you have a partner who says you’re friends/family are no good for you ? And gradually isolates you away .

6. Does your partner treat you nice in front of others but horrible at home?

7. Does your partner do sooo much for others, is seen as the nice guy, but never does anything for You?

8. In the beginning were you lovebombed, only to now be rarely acknowledged?

9. Are you constantly blaming yourself ? And your partner encourages that...( Helps you seek counselling, prays for you, pretends to share with friends how worried he is)

10. Are you scared this is as good as it gets to and so you stay?

11. Have you been blamed, or experience abuse before in your life, and so do not know what’s real ?

12. Do you often find yourself comparing you and your dynamics to your parents relationship ?

5. If you’ve answered yes to 4 or more of these questions,You may well be in a toxic or unhealthy relationship

Because most of the above,rarely happens in any healthy relationship.

You see people mimic their pasts, So if you’ve watched your parents have this kind of relationship, then it makes sense , you’d follow..

After all, you are only going to be what you were shown, right ?

Past Trauma also sets the tone

The yardstick for what we deem as acceptable .

If you’ve only known emotional unavailability, or blame or conditional love, then why would you think things are any different as an adult.

Well they are.

You deserve the best..

Not just a bit better than the last,

Not better because at least this one has a job,

Or this one doesn’t hit me .

The whole package .

And you’re uncomfortable, confused , distressed , because your instincts know that .

They’re screaming at you , get out, you’re on the wrong path.

But your wounded part says, no it’s’s not that bad .

Therapy With Project Revolution, Starts with investigating

🌹Exactly what type of relationship you are in.

🌹What areas of yours may need to be looked at to ensure that this is not you sabotaging, or not allowing, ( we get very clear on this) so that you are

🌹We look at your value system, and why you compromise in certain areas .

( E.g he’s a good guy and he treats ms well so it’s ok that I feel humiliated by him in public)

🌹And we look at your past experiences.

🌹Unpack old wounds and lay them to rest , healing , acknowledgment, a new set of rules moving forward ...

Then We move into Trauma wound Physical Healing.

🌹Cutting Trauma bonds

Releasing physical stored blocks

And freeing client physically, from the recall , the bond, the cycle

By a method unique to Project Revolution

Deeply Intuitive transformative healing work.

Combining shake therapy , Somatic experiencing.

Quantum Breathwork, Reiki and Celtic Shamanism , that has been utterly mind-blowing in its shifting and releasing of Deeply ingrained trauma and physical imprints left from the past.

The combination of all of the above, is revolutionary,

One of its kind and creating a huge ripple within the Trauma and Toxic Relationships community.

I advise future clients to connect with our present ones, so they may feel further assured and supported in their decision to proceed

You do not have to suffer this cycle .

Freedom and new choices are yours for the taking

The past doesn not have to define You

Nor prevent you from allowing it all..

You deserve the whole cake

Not just the Crumbs ..

Do Not Compromise

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