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What is Trauma Therapy

What is trauma Therapy ?

Explaining the Process .

Trauma Therapy with Bali Counselling is a safe, non judgmental space with a trained trauma informed therapist.

A Trauma Therapist will take time first to do a thorough assessment of client , through specific questionnaires,

these questionnaires will enable the therapist to see a bigger broader picture, that will provide the therapist into what methods and modalities ,will be the most therapeutic and effective, for your particular journey.

A relationship is first formed, after all we want you to feel comfortable and trusting in your practitioner, so we take time to get to know you, feel into your world and give you time and space to lean into looking at how your past has affected you present day .

We spend time looking at what you would like to achieve in Trauma therapy,and together lay out a treatment plan , complete with mini goals and homework,

When client feels comfortable, we slowly journey back in time,

Revisiting those old places that may have been too hard to look at before,

Clients find our gentle approach an opportunity, to finally be able to process some of the feelings, they had buried for so long,

A compassionate ear provides much needed validation .

Sometimes faulty beliefs are born as a result of the trauma,

We unpack those and really examine and ask , are these true ?

Generally, after digging in with our experts,our clients find they have believed many falsehoods about themselves or their surroundings,

Such as

🌹 I’m only of worth when I’m giving.

🌹I don’t deserve love, there’s something wrong with me.

🌹 Relationships are only ever painful.

Challenging and discussing these in depth, acts as a shift, a relief, a huge healing, generally aha moments follow,

Old untruths fall away.

Forgiveness starts to begin, either for self, or others.

A lightness and softness occurs, through the release, and you realize you are no longer being held hostage by your past.

Triggers and Coping Mechanisms are an example of this ..

An example of this may be,

Client A , never felt loved, or safe, She had experienced neglect and abuse by her mother.

She found that she was often triggered ( affected) by strong women.

She Would feel small, or intimidated, even though these women were lovely or, complete strangers, it was so confusing for her, , she found she couldn’t form friendships with women because of it,she never felt good enough always felt intimidated , so she avoided Most women altogether and only trusted and spent time with men .

(codependency) depression,anxiety and isolation ( social anxiety) were born,

This caused many relationship issues, further loneliness and poor social skills .

As a result , her past was most definitely, affecting directly her present..

Depression and chronic low self worth was a constant, irregardless of how good her present day life looked.

Trauma Therapy helps to allow you to go back to when that WAS your true reality, when your life was a matter of survival, when you were young, powerless and had noone to turn to.

Its important you finally are allowed to Feel those feelings, give that time in your life, some space, validation and more importantly, compassion,

Chances are you were never told I'm sorry, or asked are you ok, how can we help you through this,

Chances are you had to bury it,

Swallow it and hold back the tears.

Now is your time ,

Now you get to process, feel and finally let go, safe in the hands of a qualified, experienced expert, who knows exactly how you feel, because they too have walked through trauma .

We work from the past, but more importantly, we work in your present,

So that you have a different way to show up .

Many of our clients claim that they have undergone trauma therapy, but nobody has then taught them how to break old coping mechanisms, or even identified them

Have left them yes clearer softer, but without guidance and tools have gone straight back into old behaviours and thought patterns,

Why wouldn't you, ?

We recognize that and work with you diligently in

Cultivating healthy new behaviours .

Rewire old outdated thought patterns

Identify and rewrite old belief systems and

Assign daily mini goals into your life to encourage you to take all your new tools, and implement them into your daily life.

You can expect to .

🌹Learn about your triggers, and how to respond differently to them .

🌹 Identify old untrue beliefs and be shown how to not only write new ones, but how to live by them too.

🌹Raise your self esteem and self confidence by not only seeing how the abuse or trauma WASN’T your fault, ( it never was) but by teaching you how to show up confidently , even though it’s scary as hell.

🌹Learn how to implement healthy boundaries,

🌹Communicate Assertively and raise the bar on what you deserve, as opposed to accepting crumbs.

🌹let go and identify, old coping mechanisms that had kept you in a pattern of “ repeating the past”

We match your outsides , with your new healed insides,

Step by step . Day by Day, one small victory at a time.

I think it's also super important to note, Trauma does not have to be some huge event, or extreme levels of neglect or abuse,

Trauma is anything that made you feel, alone, scared, confused or fearful,

If it affected you, and still does, then it’s trauma, your trauma, and we want to help.

We,ve helped hundreds of people finally be free of their pasts,

And go on to cultivate, peaceful, loving , and chainbreaking lives, for generations to come .

We want you to be that success story too,

Call now for your free, no obligation 30 min online consultation,

Or if it’s more comfortable, simply reach out by text, we’re always there to answer any questions.

We’re survivors because we,ve known suffering.

We’re therapists because we found a way out.

Let us share that with you


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