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Relationship Counselling

For Couples

Are you and your partner;

  • Struggling to communicate effectively?

  • Find Cultural Differences or Backgrounds difficult to merge or understand.

  • Do Important talks tend to spiral into shouting matches or long bouts of silence?

  • Do you feel that in lots of ways you are great together, but also feel like you're not heard, or valued, that your partner fails to really understand you?

  • Do you have insecurities of mistrust within your relationship that you need help overcoming?

  • Do you struggle with getting back to how you used to be?

  • Has Infidelity's Occurred and Neither of you know, how to put it right or trust again?

Whatever your problem, whilst not a miracle cure, Counselling can help you identify and work through most of the clashes that today's relationships can bring.

Mostly it comes from 2 people on different pages, whilst the wants are the same, ie both want more intimacy, less conflict, to be heard etc - a lot of couples simply do not know how to achieve this.

The Gottmans state that its not the issue, thats the problem, Science proves that 70% of our problems are unsolveable anyway, but, its the dialogue, the way you speak to each other, thats the problem.

Communicating in a way that is defensive, Critical,or Contemptuous, erodes away a realtionship, not only do you not solve anything, but in fact you make it worse,

The more hurt you get, the more distant you get.

Friendship, shared Intimacy and values, start to get less and less, as you start to feel wounded, and less safe around each other.

The methods we use, address all of that.

We guide you into learning new tools in order to communicate, 

We help you unerstand each other, far more deeply, and finally find a way to be able to reach each other again.

Simultaneously we assist in bringing back, shared meaning, remembering who you were and implementing it.

Relationship Counselling is about helping you repair the WHOLE HOUSE, not just the Conflict room.

Relationship Counselling will guide you in teaching you how to.

  • Communicate assertively and calmly, in a style that will ensure both are heard , and understood, rather than defensive and attacking.

  • Encourage and implement, Shared Positive Connection Times, for greater Intimacy, 

  • Trace back old dynamics and behaviors that are not “Serving Your relationship" and open them up, release them and implement new more balanced , healthy alternatives, so you get heard and honoured, 

  •  We Look at Attachment Styles, is one of you falling into a parental Role, whilst the other feels like a scolded child? We help you become Adult to Adult, and recognize and stop the patterns, that alter your dynamic.

  • Reset the commitments to each other by remembering all the reasons why you love each other, sometimes this can be deprioritized creating distance between your connection.

  • Insecurities or mistrust can be unpacked in session and explored as to where they come from and how we can move you through them together in a very clear step by step process.

  • Help you rebuild Trust and Form new ways forward.

  • Teach you how to Problem solve and Repair after a fight.


40 Years worth of Research, and 1000's of case studies have brought together this model, that 100,s of Therapists are using, to help couples, come back to who they were, and build a solid foundation.


Relationship Counselling is not a guarantee, but, it can help you find resolution, gain clarity, understanding and forgiveness and allow you to both move towards finding the right solutions for you.

We Assign Mid Session Assignments and Tasks, Unique to Your needs. So as to enable, communication, bonding and Depth to happen, in life, not just In Session.

Our Sessions are Transformative, Direct and to The point .

Totally Impartial, You are the Client, The Couple,.

No Blame, No Shame, Just 2 People Taking Responsibility and coming Together to Create Healing, Acceptance and Change

60-90MIN $130 usd
includes full assesment and Treatment plan


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