The Somatic Experience


A massive huge part of the work that is done with clients, is "Stored Trauma Release", or others may know it as "Stuck Energy".


Stored Trauma or Stuck Energy, is when there are imprints left within the body and the subconscious, that despite many years of work, perhaps therapeutically and holistically, clients still find themselves reacting physically and rather adversely to a seemingly minor or mild event.

This can cause huge levels of distress for people, as the conscious mind struggles to justify the bodies intense emotional reaction. This is called Triggering, Trauma Recall.. it’s the nervous systems way of protecting you. 


You walk into a shop for example, and someone pushes in the queue. They then proceed to ignore your request to return to right place. This is annoying right - upsetting yes somewhat. But if you find yourself either shutting down or flaring up, and having a really upsetting reaction - chances are, you are returning to a past trauma or incident from the past. And your subconscious knows no different, hence it over acts in order to protect you.


You therefore are being asked to go back. We take you back to a place when you previously felt overpowered, ignored, humiliated and frightened, because that’s why you felt that in the store. I work with you physically, guiding you back into that time and that emotion and using a mix of Reiki, shake therapy, somatic experiencing and grounding exercises. I help you to shift this stuck stored trauma from out of your body by allowing you to feel it, let the body process it and then physically finish the process it never was given the opportunity to have. We use breath, rapid movement , deep healing energetic work and focus. 


The client always reports a freedom, a huge release, a massive connection to their inner child and deep organic nourishing healing.. It really is quite magical, incredibly moving and deeply transformative in its essence.


I am expertly experienced, work very closely with safety, care procedures and client limitations ensuring this powerful process is safe, effective and completely aligned in light.