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1 on 1 Counselling
$120 USD | 60-75 Minutes. After hours available for an extra $20.
Who is it for?

One on one Counselling is for anybody that is going through a difficult time and would like some help and support navigating their way through. 


Examples of areas might include, if you:


  • Are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks

  • Have been feeling lost or depressed

  • Have suffered a loss or are going through a relationship breakup 

  • Are struggling to find self confidence or motivation

These are just some of the issues that Bali Counselling has helped hundreds of clients with so that they could find their way out of, or through, a place or situation that they felt powerless to change by themselves. 

The Counselling Proces

The counselling process begins with a full and thorough assessment and free consultation to get to know your individual issues. A series of questionnaires and 1 on 1 time with your therapist allows a clear picture to be formulated of exactly how we can help, in your specific area of need. Together we discuss your treatment goals and create a personal plan, that will cover all areas you have been struggling with. 


For example, maybe you’ve just been feeling depressed and unmotivated. You feel that you have lost confidence in yourself and have started to stay at home a little too much. Firstly we would examine how long these symptoms have been happening and when they may have first started. We then look at what support or therapy can we offer to unpack that.

We will also talk to you about:

  • If there is a requirement to also check in with a doctor to ensure all areas are covered. 

  • If we need to construct some self-esteem work to help you build positive healthy habits that will support your ability to gain confidence.

  • If there are any worries you’ve been holding onto and if we can look into opening those up to help you find peace.

  • Various skills that can be taught such as anger management, or anxiety grounding techniques. 

  • If you would like to learn how to implement healthy boundaries, such as being able to stop saying yes, when you mean no (assertive communication) 

Your counsellor will conduct sessions at your pace and nobody is forced to talk or reveal anything they are not ready to talk about. These are your sessions and we are here to help and hear you, so easy does it. 

Sessions are, of course, confidential and are always in a safe and non-judgmental space, from which you can be seen, heard and supported, just as you are. All of the above fits together so that with your counsellor, your healing journey begins. 

Why is Bali Counselling different?

At Bali Counselling we recognize this problem and work with you diligently in:

  • Cultivating healthy new behaviours . 

  • Rewiring old and outdated thought patterns 

  • Identifying and rewriting old belief systems

  • Assigning daily mini-goals into your life to encourage you to take all of your new tools, and implement them into your daily life. 


At Bali Counselling we match your outsides, with your new healed insides. Step by step. Day by Day. One small victory at a time. Bali Counselling has helped hundreds of people finally be free of their pasts and go on to cultivate, peaceful, loving, and chainbreaking lives, for generations to come. We want you to be that success story too. 

Our Sessions are transformative, direct, and to the point.

We are totally impartial: you as a couple are the client.

There is no blame and no shame.

Sessions are simply two people taking responsibility and coming together to create healing, acceptance and change.

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