I write this on behalf of myself and my wife. As a successful businessman of a certain age, Relationship counseling was not a quest I had been keen to be involved in.

However, I have been very surprised and dare I say it, relieved to find that this process has been nothing short of Revolutionary.

We have discovered a depth and understanding of each other never there before, our communication skills were limited to say the least, but how Leah has patiently guided us and mediated, helping us "unpack" the story as we go, has changed the game, never easy (and there was far more there than we had bargained for) I recommend this process to anyone, I especially recommend Leah and her professionalism, guidance and immense wisdom. If you are considering entering into this journey.


I'm a convert, that's for sure.



Leah, Known for her groundbreaking techniques, both for individuals and couples. Having built up an Ashram in serving humanity I had to process all within, yet my personal relationships it became clear, were affected by my deep childhood trauma. I was blessed to meet Leah who not only serves the tools to allowing a human to awaken to their greatest potential, but she guided me from my deepest past into my present, what was required of me was courage and a deep longing to awaken from my deepest pains. Leah has guided me with deep clarity, love and Understanding, I have gone from a wounded child to a woman, Cannot thank this process enough. Yours with grace and much gratitude.


Trauma releasing therapy was unlike anything I had ever experienced, Before coming to see Leah I would wake up in fear and anxiety every morning, every morning.

Paralyzed myself through overthinking and had no control over what I can only describe as flashbacks.

I can tell you, though sceptical, the huge shift I experienced during these physical sessions was like a wall crashing down. I could actually physically feel it leaving my body. Like this physical darkness.

I keep expecting it to come back, this almost inside low level fear .. But no, I still feel free. I can't quite comprehend it, but I'm not trying to now.

So much gratitude and awe for you Leah



Oh my goodness Leah is amazing. If your’e looking for an amazing, inspiring dedicated Counsellor and Coach look no further. Leah has saved my Relationship with my partner and bettered my relationship with myself. She is straightforward and honest and really knows how to make an impact in your life. She was the best decision I had made in a long time.

Thank you Leah.


Leah has been a blessing to work with. I find her methods to be very effective, specifically her energy and body release exercises. Since our meetings are via Zoom, I was hesitant if it would be effective, but I was blown away by the work we have done together and how she is able to understand and connect with the root of the issues.


Through a trusting relationship that allows for vulnerability and safety Leah’s energy work provided a process that healed and released stored pain, trauma, and tension replaced with love, future protection, and a stronger connection to one’s true self.


I can't even put into words how much Leah has helped me with Trauma Counseling, CPTSD, and Severe Anxiety. All diagnosed prior to meeting her. YEARS of life suffering every day yet smiling to the outside world.

Even after our initial meeting to set up a plan of action, I felt like a huge load had been lifted from me.

I could easily seek out a local therapist and have insurance pay BUT the peace, comfort, love and support I get from Leah is PRICELESS. I choose Leah. I choose to pay out of pocket, I choose to work through date and time differences to have Leah as my therapist! I have reached HUGE milestones after the very first session. I feel alive. I feel lovable. I feel hope.


Leah is great. She has a rare balance of raw, direct realness with spiritual, friendly gentleness. She helped me through some real tough times and spiritual awakenings.


I saw her for solo and couples sessions in my last relationship and she was very good at working with us through some very heated and difficult times. I also saw her after the relationship ended and she helped me stay true to my path and not take the easy route by running away from things or distracting myself form the core issues I was dealing with. She helped me stay patient in order to receive the gifts that inevitably arrive with integration.


I have had the pleasure of working with Leah for the past few months and in that short amount of time I have seen tangible growth in my emotional wellbeing. Leah has truly been placed on this planet to help women fiercely work through core trauma wounds with a sense of care and attention that is unparalleled. When I began working with her she told me that she works quickly but I had no idea that within a few sessions I would be able to stand in my beautiful power with grace. She is relatable, attentive and wildly helpful. I find myself looking forward to my sessions with her because she is truly invested in my growth as an individual. I cannot recommend a better therapist to do your healing with. My life is infinitely better for having her in it.


I met Leah randomly once at an airport and straight away gravitated towards her, without knowing there was going to be a time I needed her in my life.


She’s the only person that I’ve ever been able to really open up and talk about some sensitive topics with, she’s made me feel so comfortable with myself, she’s helped me more than anyone I know would have been able to and she’s just truly amazing at what she does. I’m so grateful for how much she has helped me with my personal life and would highly recommend seeing this incredible woman.



I came to Leah suffering with a past relationship, I was not particularly trusting or hopeful after many failed attempts at Therapy before, but I instantly knew this would be different, Straightaway we clicked and I was able to really go there, This journey was way more than just my past relationship, and honestly , one year on , I cannot believe who I used to be for so many years to who I am now, This was, and still is a life changing experience, So excited to see what else is in store, Thankyou so much Mamasita, You are phenomenal, and did i mention, hilarious too :)



Leah Was amazing during the Lombok Earthquakes, so many were under such severe stress and anxiety such as myself. She contacted me directly and offered her services free to myself and others traumatized by the events, What a generous heart and she really made a difference to several expats, locals and myself,

Thankyou so much Leah.



I was recommended to Leah by a friend who was already seeing her, I was pretty sceptical and nervous but I was ready to do anything,I did not know what to expect but honestly this woman has changed my life.

I don’t know how she does what she does but somehow she has managed to help me put the pieces in my life back together again. I somehow have grown up, I feel so strong and my life and my choices reflect this.

Leah i love you, your’e so warm so relateable and you genuinely seem to care.

Cant recommend enough.



I have good things to say , deeply respect and thank Leah for her assistance in helping me find myself, I was very sad and lost and very self critical , I didn't know how to change it , not even a bit , but Leah is so patient , very wise old soul , she taught me more than my own family ever did.

I went back to school and focused on doing MY DREAM, nobody else's , and finally I find me , I like me .. thankyou Leah you make me proud , soon I be Dr Laina


If there is someone that walks her talk its Leah. Her own journey and the wisdom plus all formal education she has in the hardships we all struggling with at times, a addiction to suffer in old wounds she addresses it as it is and are so on point. She certainly has done the work and are willing to help us to do the work. A warrior at heart.





Leah is my mind and body mechanic, she asks questions diagnoses the problem with pin point accuracy then works on a 3 prong approach - awareness acknowledgment, and release. The release part is difficult to explain but let’s just say my life began that day!

Self-love was seemed like an over used phrase that I believed I was participating in. With Leah’s mix of western (saying things that I could understand) and Eastern (deep energy release) approach she pulled the curtain on the younger me I was neglecting and torturing. I had an experience I cannot put into words. My inner child is now in my heart and I have truly found self-love. Life starts now.


Myself and my partner came to marriage Counseling because we had found ourselves drifting slowly apart over the years but didn't know why or how to fix it..which was hard to admit.

It's been a huge relief to hand over responsibility to Leah and just have that 3rd perspective and her 

" toolkit" as she calls it :)

It's felt like getting to know us all over again, and seeing why it broke down in the first place..which has been pretty awesome but hard.

We trusted Leah straightaway, which for us was super important and has enabled us to really flourish.
Super happy here. Thankyou.