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Meet Therapist Leah

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My name is Leah and I am a C.P.C.A.B qualified Therapist and hold a National Diploma in Relationship Counselling as well as holding additional Qualifications from The Gottman Institue Marriage Guidance Institute.

I am from the Uk and gained my qualifications and expertise from the world’s leading Counselling and Psychotherapy institution in Bournemouth England back in the early 2000,s. and have continued my Training right up to todays date where I continue to further my knowledge and expertise.

All certifications are available to All my Clients.

I have worked with thousands of clients, including celebrity’s, all the way through to people with no income and suffering with poverty, and the story is always the same regardless of the background - there are aspects of their life that are causing them pain and suffering, in whatever forms that takes.

It’s super brave to ask for help, and even braver to let in a stranger and be open to trusting them with your precious life and vulnerabilities. It will take time for you  to first get to know and feel comfortable with me, and really get clear on your personal objectives so that we can formulate a complete unique healing program, just for you.

I take time to listen to what you need, what you would like to achieve, and together we create a treatment plan with achievable realistic goals that together we can chip away at.


What sets me apart from other therapists I believe, is that I’ve also know suffering. An orphan by 11 years old, I further ended up suffering even further trauma at the hands of my supposed care provider. I was placed in the care system and systematically taught myself how to survive. Needless to say I became a shell of who I was supposed to be, and suffering with chronic anxiety and depression I turned to alcohol and relationships to try to bring some relief to my soul. 


My life further spiralled after losing a little boy at aged 21, no longer caring I entered into complete darkness and suffering, simply trudging from one day to the next, waiting for it to one day all be over.


One toxic relationship after another resulted in isolation and severe anxiety, and further destroyed my self esteem, and worth. But a light inside of me came on. Blessed with the gift of desperation I reached out for help and a slow but incredible journey ensued where I was able to finally become the woman that I always was destined to be.


Today I no longer suffer with any anxiety or depression. I found my purpose and my true calling and valued myself enough to carve out my new path in my chosen career and build a life filled with love, healthy relationships and most of all peace of mind.

I recognize in all of my clients those same capabilities because I’ve been there. I see and feel your pain, and walk in your shoes with you, encouraging and cheerleading your every step forward with the added reassurance that I know what lies on the other end of your efforts.

You are never alone and you are capable of all that you wish for yourself, and more One step at a time
So much love to you.


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Principles for Breakthrough

After many years of working in counseling in Bali, I have discovered that the number 1 first step in change has to start with our clients feeling that they are in the “right place“ with “the right Practitioner” for them. A feeling of trust and belief in their counselor is the catalyst of all great change and without that transformation cannot grow.

The problem is that many people haven't had the right counselor, they have felt like it's been "a nice chat" but no great changes or breakthroughs are made. They come away feeling disheartened and questioning if change really is possible, or if there is something wrong with them.


There’s nothing wrong with you, it has just not been the right time or the right match. BUT IF YOU ARE READING THIS, IT IS NOW and I will help you using my 3 Basic principles to breakthrough and change: Revisit, Rewire, and Reset.


In order to go forward we must go back, we revisit your old wounds, unpack them and allow them to finally release. Stuck or suppressed wounds will only ever result in the same reactions and the same stuck behaviour patterns that create triggers and overreactions to everyday annoyances or upsets. It's essential that we set them free, and see them from a fresh perspective. We also work with the body in what's called Somatic Experiencing and Shifting Stored Trauma through various Somatic Techniques. (It's very safe, massively effective, and creates lasting actual shifts).



Have you ever wondered why you always say yes when you mean no? Or why you allow too much because you feel people won't like you if you don’t? Do you not let people in because you fear they will reject you if they see the real you? Whatever your belief systems are, we look at them and set about writing new ones by using fact based evidence to prove faulty wiring and wrong beliefs that have been created as a result of years of suppressed emotion. It's essential to indentify and untag you from what's yours, and what's not yours (ie your conditioning).



Do you wonder why you procrastinate? or suffer from high expectations or perfectionism?

Does having this lead you to, push push push or sabotage when it all gets too much?

Does being unassertive and not stating your truth, lead you to feel ashamed or resentful?

Do you isolate and seethe, or blow up in anger?

Do you struggle with loneliness or trusting people and so gravitate to either constantly. Are you searching out “THE ONE” or freezing love out completely through fear?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, the reset is where we teach you opposite behaviours, unique to whichever coping behaviours you have adopted. We guide you through changing behaviours that will push through old patterns and allow you to act in a way, that is only aligned with your highest self.

When all of these 3 areas are addressed - Revisit, Rewire, and Reset - clients have no other option but to change, it's inevitable, all areas of the block or repeated behaviour are addressed and a new page in your book can be written.

You get to choose what the rest of the story reads like, now that you're free from going over the same old chapter.


A SIDE NOTE on trauma

Your life doesn't have to be traumatic or drastic, sometimes, the most painful experiences are the ones that in your mind you tell yourself to “ just get over it”. Whatever your problem, whatever your circumstance, your pain is your pain and it's valid, nobody deserves to suffer no matter what the context, if it's affecting you, I want to hear about it.

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