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Leah Bali Counselling


Hi Everyone and Thank you for visiting our site. I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a little insight into me,and why Project Revolution 360 is not simply just a career,but my lifes passion.

I, after many years of working within this field, have discovered that the number 1 first step in change, has to start with our clients feeling they are in the “right place“ with “the right Practitioner” for them. A feeling of trust and belief in their Counsellor, is the catalyst of all great change and without that, transformation cannot grow.

The problem is many people haven't had that, they have felt it's been "a nice chat" but no great changes or breakthroughs are made, and so they come away feeling disheartened and questioning if change really is possible? or, if there is something wrong with them. There’s not, it just has not been the right time, or the right match.  IT IS NOW.

There are 3 Basic principles to breakthrough and change.



In order to go forward we must go back , we revisit your old wounds, unpack them and allow them to finally release. Stuck or surpressed wounds, will only ever result in same reactions, and same stuck behaviour patterns,they create triggers and overreactions to everyday annoyances or upsets, so it's essential we set them free, and see them from a fresh perspective. We also work with the body in what's called Somatic Experiencing, Shifting Stored Trauma through various Somatic Techniques. (It's very safe, massively effective, and Creates lasting Actual shifts)


Wonder why you always say yes when you mean no? wonder why you allow too much because you feel people wont like you if you don’t? or, do you not let people in because you fear they will reject you if they see the real you? whatever your belief systems are we look at them and set about writing new ones through using fact based evidence to prove faulty wiring wrong , your beliefs were created as a result of years of surpressed emotion, so it's essential we indentify and untag you from what's yours, and what's not (ie your conditioning).


Do you wonder why you procrastinate? or suffer with high expectations or perfectionism?

Does having this lead you to,

Push push push or sabotage when it all gets too much ?

Does being unassertive and not stating your truth, lead you into feeling ashamed or resentful? so you isolate and seethe, or blow up in anger ?

Do you struggle with loneliness or trusting people? and so gravitate to either constantly,

Searching out “THE ONE” or freeze love out completely through fear?

Well the reset is where we teach you opposite Behaviours, unique to whichever coping behaviours you have adopted.

We guide you through changing behaviours that will push through old patterns, and allow you to act in a way, that is only aligned with your highest self.

When all of these 3 areas are addressed, clients have no other option but to change, it's inevitable, all areas of the block or repeated behaviour are addressed and a new page in your book can be written.

You get to choose what the rest of the story reads like, now that you're free from going over the same old chapter.



Leah is originally from the UK, born into a middle class privileged background. Shy but funny, Leah enjoyed stage school and caring for animals. However by 1985 aged just 12, she found herself tragically orphaned and later, in the care system. Trauma and abuse on top of loss and dysfunction, only created a host of belief sysytems (not good enough, not worthy) and coping mechanisms, (Avoid, distract, run away)

Her life quickly followed a pattern of, “searching for love in all the wrong places”, an eating disorder, severe anxiety, alcohol dependency, chronic codependency and a paranoid disposition that people, on some level “cannot be trusted”.

Having embarked on a rigorous healing journey, which is always moving forward, she went on to further her skills and knowledge and attended a nationally renowned Counselling and Psychotherapy College. She gained numerous globally recognized Counselling qualifications and accreditations, and became actively involved in the Counselling and Healing Industry.

She now works as a Global Counsellor and Relationships Counsellor, plus is a Certified Life Coach, running Successful Courses and Programs. She not only helps people recover from Trauma, and restore and create healthy relationships, but also works with the best in the industry to bring unique and change creating workbooks and assignments to fully support your journey, out of session.

A long time Public Speaker , Leah also creates and presents forums designed to empower, educate and support. Leah's passion, relatability and deep intuitive knowing is the essence of how she is able to help transform the lives of all those that are seeking freedom from pain.

Her Particular forte, is helping people gain their true life, after trauma, this includes in their relationships which is why she specialises in all aspects of relationships too. She fully believes and advocates that people do not deliberately fall into unhealthy patterns, or want to hurt themselves or others, ultimately this is rarely our "true self" actually its usually conditioning from past messages, or coping mechanisms from not getting our needs met organically, that create the problems. not you in your truest form, isnt that great, it means that we get to work through whats there thats not serving, release and find peace with ourselves and our past and learn new habits that support, who you truly are.

Deeply spiritual in nature, Leah is always in the belief that her gifts and talents are to help people to the magnitude that she does. It's not just from her extensive experience both professionally and personally, but from a source much higher than herself, who she believe needed her to take these past experiences, turn them around and find herself so that she may assist others in finding their true selves too.

 Leah's Romany Gypsy heritage has allowed her to have an instinctive knowing. An ability to see to the core of the problem and allow healing to transcend from not just a scientific nature, but on a deep interconnected level too. This is what, and has always separated Leah from the traditional style of Counselling and Coaching of today.


Having walked through chronic low self worth, zero confidence and only toxic harmful relationships, she is able to help her clients not just talk about wanting change, but absolutely  be in a position to achieve it. 

Using a mixture of the above modalities and a number of client relevant methods, she and her team are able to intuitively tailor a transformational process package unique to the client, Safely, Trauma informed always, and at clients own pace. You are Not your thoughts or your behaviours, you are you, and my job is to help you find that person and thrive, no longer just survive.


Your life doesn't have to be traumatic or drastic, sometimes, the most painful experiences are the ones that in your mind you tell yourself to “ just get over it”. Whatever your problem, whatever your circumstance, your pain is your pain and it's valid, nobody deserves to suffer no matter what the context, if it's affecting you, I want to hear about it.


There is potential for Massive Change within everybody, and I have found the secret to help you unlock it, implement it, and better still, take all this and apply it to your journey for the rest of your life.


I so look forward to meeting you and creating the magic that is, PROJECT REVOLUTION 360.

Take Care out there, Leah

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