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Healing from Traumatic Relationships.

Relationships are the no 1 cause for peoples pain and suffering, whether thats the pursuit of Love or healing after a relationship breakdown, the pain and loneliness is usually palpable.

We all want love and connection, but finding that and keeping that are the main reason why people suffer with anxiety, depression and loneliness.

Confused and lost, and usually having a knock to their self esteem, people find themselves either obsessively dating or becoming isolated as a way to heal their pain.

Generally there is a path forward in all the issues that are presented, if we feel that relationships only happen for others, we explore possible blocks within, was there childhood trauma or abuse, that has made you believe you are not loveable and behaviours that unconsciously support this ? maybe you pick from a place of that, rather than of healthy deserving places.

Maybe you mimic Mum or Dad Unconsciously and follow their patterns, to either sabotage love or prevent it.

its never clear cut, but it is ALWAYS fixable, even if its just to have help processing and validating your experiences, so that you can heal, and move on,

Whatever your story,

Therapy in Bali with a mental health counselor, or relationships counselor can free you.

contact us today for your free 30 min consultation

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